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Who is Jani Rusi?

Vivo Visions entrepreneur and Business Agent 204.5 Jani Rusi is a true multi-talented businessman in business and sports and has had time to participate in many, despite his "young" age.

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Jani has been swimming for over 20 years, of which over 10 years at the international level. The participants can accommodate World Cup and European Championship representatives and a total of nearly 100 Finnish and Danish championship medals.

Denmark also left a degree in commerce, Business Academy, majoring in international marketing.

The training has been useful in building international business activities in its own companies and sparring with growing companies. The founding of the first company will be 10 years old in 2022.

Experience can be found both in the swimming club and in the place of the startup's club. When an entrepreneur encountered failures and momentarily a wall, Jani ended up at the bank to serve start-ups and growth companies for 2.5 years and from there to 2 years as Chief Operating Officer of World Trade Center Turku to build a new international ecosystem in the Turku region.

Since February 2022, Jani has been working full-time as an entrepreneur again to help others.

It can be said that Jani is also highly networked both in the company and on the sports side.
He influences the BNI, Rotary, Odd Fellow, and JCI networks, among others.

Experience can also be found in positions of trust locally, for example. From the various boards of the City of Turku and nationally from the boards of the Finnish Swimming Federation and Valo (national sports organization).



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