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Vivo Visions - “Life Outlook” - is a coaching / consulting company that focuses on supporting growth in its services.

We want to be involved in supporting the personal growth of the company as well as the entrepreneur and the employees.


Vivo Visions

Jani Rusi

CEO & Founder



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The founder and owner of the company is Jani Rusi, an ex-professional athlete, serial entrepreneur and multi-player Business Turku 204.5. The company started in December 2012, when Jani recovered from shoulder surgery and her swimming career was interrupted. Since then, the business has been developed and tailored to meet the needs of companies and Jan’s own passion for helping others succeed. Vivo Visions' services combine the best aspects of the corporate and sports world with the development of functions with a coaching and sometimes strict approach to the customer's goals. The operations are based on a strong network of Business Agents, superheroes in their field, to help in a variety of different development needs. We don’t want to do everything ourselves, we really bring in the best people to do the right things at the right time. However, from one service provider. Vivo Visions Oy belongs to AA Asiakastieto's credit rating AA.


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